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The TJX Rewards Credit Card is a conventional choice for scoring limits at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra stores. In any case, because of the low 1% rewards rate this card gives on every other buy, it doesn’t make for a decent essential Visa. You can get this card to utilize at whatever point you shop at TJ Maxx, however, we prescribe adhering to another alternative for all your different buys. The other thing significant about the TJX Rewards® Credit Card is the manner by which awful its APR is – 27.24%. This is essentially higher than most Mastercards available. It’s significantly higher than what we’ve seen from other store charge cards. In the event that you get this card, you ought to never utilize it to convey a parity month-to-month. Make a point to dependably satisfying your bill in full.

TJ Rewards Credit Card Application

Initially, you will need to Start with Entering your Personal Information. Info like name and residence etc and then  Identity Verification, Set up Account and further process.

TJ Rewards Credit Card applicaiton
TJ Rewards Credit Card application

Step 1:  To go to the Application page.

Step 2:  Initially, Let’s Get Started (Fill Fields mentioned below):

      • First Name
      • Middle Name (optional)
      • Last Name
      • Suffix
      • Mailing Address 1
      • Mailing Address 2 (optional)
      • Unit/Apt.
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code
      • Date Of Birth
      • Mother’s Maiden
      • Email
      • Social Securit Number
      • Total Gross Annual Income
      • Type of Residence
      • Primary Source of Income
      • Primary Phone Number (Mobile Prefered)
      • Secondary Phone Number (optional)

Step 3: Go through the Terms and Conditions and Agree to the Certification. Submit Application to start to the Enroll process.

Contact Number: 800-926-6299

TJ Rewards Credit Card Login

Once you have registered to the portal and now you want to login to TJ Maxx Credit Card portal. To perform TJ Maxx Credit Card login follow the steps below:

TJ Rewards Credit Card login
TJ Rewards Credit Card login
  • Firstly you need to go to the official login page. To directly go to the login page click here.
  • Secondly, you need to enter your USER ID first.
  • Then enter your password
  • You can also check over the Remember Me box, to make an easier login the next time.
  • Lastly, click over the Secure Login button.

Find User ID / Forgot Username

To find your username if you do not remember now. Follow the steps here:

forgot user id
forgot user-id
  • Go to the login page first.
  • Search for Find User ID link.
  • Click over it.
  • Furthermore, enter your Card number.
  • Then enter your ZIP Code for the same.
  • Lastly, click over the Find User ID button.
  • Now, check your mail to get the update over it.

Reset Password / Forgot Password

To reset your password if you do not remember now. Follow the steps here:

TJ Rewards Credit Card forgot user id / forgot password
TJ Rewards Credit Card forgot user id / forgot password
  • Go to the login page first.
  • Search for Reset password link.
  • Click over it.
  • Now enter your User ID. Note: Case-sensitive, may differ from your Store Locator User ID
  • The Enter your Zip code.
  •  Check your mail id now.
  • Click on the link and reset your password.
  • Come back to the same login screen and try to login to the portal again.

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TJ Rewards Credit Card Payment

To clear the payment of the credit card follows the steps here:

  • Firstly go to the login page. Enter your credentials and log in to your account.
  • Click over the Clear due option present there.
  • Now link in your debit card or any wallet that’s acceptable.
  • Follow the instructions further and proceed to the Payment gateway.

TJ Rewards Credit Card Phone Number

Here is what you were looking for. TJ Rewards Credit card phone number is: 800-926-6299

The call center hours is 24 hours * 7 days. Here a real person will pick up the call whereas there will be no call back facility available. This is a tollfree number.

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