Scratch Disk are full in Adobe Photoshop

Is your Photoshop acting weird? Are you also facing the same problem of the scratch disk? You are at the right place. Here we will explain what is scratch disk. As well as how to solve scratch disk are full Photoshop problem. Well, this is a very common problem of every other Mac user in this world. Therefore, we will talk on how to solve scratch disk are full Photoshop issues.

scratch disk are full Photoshop

What is Scratch Disk?

A scratch disk is a common term for Mac users. Photoshop uses the hard drive to save all the data such as cookies as well as temp files. Similarly, if you have no partition in your hard drive the Photoshop will automatically use the hard drive. This generally happens when your system does not have enough RAM (Random Access Memory) to perform certain operations.

How to solve Scratch Disk are full Photoshop problem?

Targeting Scratch disk location or Switch Scratch Disk

To avoid frequent pop up for scratch disk problem you can set up multiple scratch disk by going to Photoshop Preference.

You just need to do is to go to Edit menu < Preference < Scratch Disk for Windows

Photoshop < Preference < Scratch Disk for Mac

Photoshop preference settings pannel scratch disk

Most of the users in the world often prefer to do this. Similarly, there’s another way of doing this. You can simply move your scratch disk from the location where you install your OS. Also, don’t use the location where you edit or store the file.

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Always Keep an eye on the temp files

Temp files are the temporary files created to make the process (UX) better. Larger temp files are created when the software crashes unexpectedly. Similarly, in Mac, the temp is named as Temp##### and on Windows, it is ~PST#####. You can surely delete it on a regular basis.

Disk Space to be maintained

If the scratch disk are full in Photoshop problem still occurs, you need to definitely clean some file from your drive. Make sure to maintain enough space in the drive where the scratch disk is. I recommended having another scratch disk option in Photoshop Preference too.

scratch disk are full Photoshop

Try Defragmenting Hard Drive

Now that you have given a try to each one above and still the problem occurs. The last you can do is try defragmenting the hard drive. You should do this if you see that there’s a lot of disk space available. Consequently, you are still receiving the same issue of the scratch disk are full Photoshop problem. This generally happens because Photoshop needs a sequence of space.

Defragmenting hard disk Photoshop

Scratch Disk are full while Cropping image

While you are cropping a certain image and the scratch disk problem occurs. This can be because of the wrong size is given. For example, you are writing the size in inches instead of pixels.

cropping scratch disk are full Photoshop problem

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