How to rotate text in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a software is in use worldwide. Most of the people around the world think Photoshop is just for retouching and small jobs. They are not aware of the fact that there are lots more that can be done. We can assume Photoshop as a sea. This software can never end. Similarly, using this we can create manipulation, matte paintings, photo editing, animation, and many more things. Therefore, while working on Photoshop there can be some issues. One of the common issue that most beginner face is how to rotate text in Photoshop. There’s no issue in this, we will help you get through this.

how to rotate text in Photoshop

Rotate text in Adobe Photoshop

If you are working with Photoshop for a long period of time, you will be aware of the steps. Consequently, you can have in mind transforming the layers will rasterize it. But this is just a myth. Rotating or transforming a layer does not rasterize the layer. Here we start with how to rotate text in Photoshop.

Step1: We will start by opening the image with the text layer in Adobe Photoshop. Just go to your file manager and right click over the image. Then click on Open with Photoshop.

Step2: Now that the file is open in Photoshop. You can search for the layer. Preferably, it will be on the right-hand side in the panel. Or you can bring from Windows < Layer. Now you can select the text layer in the layer menu.

Layer panel Photoshop

Step3: Now you can press Ctrl + T on Windows or Cmd + T on Mac. You can also go to Edit menu and Check for Transform. Furthermore, you can click over Rotate 180 degree accordingly.

layer panel photoshop

Transform option Photoshop

If you want to rotate the layer freehand then you can directly go to Edit menu < Transform < Free Transform. As you have done this, you can see the bounding box around the layer. Then click Enter.

There’s nothing to worry, after you rotate the text you can still edit and manipulate the text.

This was an article on how to rotate text in Photoshop. Hope you have liked it. Don’t forget to put up a comment.

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