Photoshop How to Remove Background Easily

Whenever we click a picture, whether it may be DSLR or from your mobile phone. That picture turns to come out good. Then further we want is to post it on social media. Before this, we will like to edit that picture. Here comes the challenge. We will sometime require to remove background in Photoshop. For this, we will perform background removal on Photoshop. This can be very complex sometimes. Hence, here we will know about Photoshop how to remove background.

Photoshop how to remove background

Photoshop how to remove background

To remove the background on Photoshop you need to follow some simple steps noted down:

Select your image to remove background from Photoshop

The first most thing you need to do is to select your image where you want to remove the background on photoshop. To open an image into Photoshop you need to create a new document (Ctrl + N). Furthermore, go to File < Place or just drag and drop the image to the software.

Start erasing with the Background Eraser tool

Now after the image is open in the artboard you need to start with background removing in photoshop. For this, you need to select the Background Eraser tool in the toolbar. Long press the eraser tool to release the hidden tools.

As soon as you select the tool, we need to play around with the settings. Now, we need to adjust the brush size – shortcut ‘[‘ or ‘]’. Also, check for the tolerance option. If the tolerance is low then the brush will pick lesser similar color around. Similarly, if the tolerance is high then the brush pics up more colors.

Photoshop how to remove background

While erasing zoom (Ctrl++) the area so that you can work on it more precisely. For working more precisely reducing the size of brush may be required.

girl with background

background removal on Photoshop

Choosing Sampling and Limit for your area

After you have erased the area with the background eraser tool, you will notice that there are still some parts which need more attention. Even you have used correct brush size it may happen that you have some area badly done. For this reason, you need to play around with the sampling and setting up the limits.

remove background in Photoshop

Switch on the sampling and set the Discontinguous tolerance around 25-30%. The option of Discontinguous can remove all the pixels that are the same as the sample color. By this effective option, you can get into the detailed and helps a lot in removing background with photoshop.

Using of Pen tool

I guess you do not need to come this far as if you perform the above option correctly then your task will be done. Furthermore, you can easily select the pen tool from the toolbar or press ‘P’ on the keyboard. Now this will help you to work more precisely. You can simply start making a path around the area you want to delete. As you have done this simply right click and click over Make selection. Hence, you can now delete the selection.

girl png

Now the image is full background free.

Therefore this was how to remove white background in photoshop. Hope this been a great tutorial for all the beginners as well as pro designers too.

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