Pointillism and Painting effect in Photoshop


Photoshop Pointillism Painting Effect tutorial
Photoshop Pointillism Painting Effect tutorial

Pointillism depends in the capacity of the watcher to venture back and let their eyes mix
minor shading spots into a full tone range. A canvas method created in the late 1880s well
known for its detail, it’s currently a straightforward undertaking to reproduce the impact with Photoshop. So in this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create a good Pointillism effect or paint effect in Photoshop.

Step 1:-
To start with this effect you need to select a painting so I will use the painting of a landscape.
So I download this painting.

Step 2:-
Here I’ll open this image in Photoshop to work on it. Now select the layer and convert it
into the Smart Object option.

opening a new document in Photoshop

Step 3:-
Now we need to reset the Foreground and Background colors so I will press D or else you
can select the Colour Swatches.


Step 4:-
In the archive that contains your picture, Now select Image < Adjustments < Match Colour.
Set the Luminance and Colour Intensity to 100, from Match Colour box then click ok.

Step 5:-
Now duplicate the layer and I’ll name it as Paint now we can work on it. Now again duplicate
it from that layer and I’ll name it as pointillism.

Step 6:-
Now to make changes in Picture select the Pointillism layer select Filter > Pointillism. Then
make the size about 3. Depends on you how you want to do it and I’ll decrease the opacity
of the layer about 45%. Now I’ll change the Blend mode into Darken so that I will make
changes by hiding it and only dots will be visible. Then use Lighten to change so that we can
see the more dots on it.

photoshop pointillism effect or brush effect tutorial

photoshop pointillism effect dialogue box

Step 7:-
Then add Overlay mode from Blend mode < click ok. Now the filters are applied and it is
filled by the dots. It’s amazing but the saturation and contrast are strong so we’ll do some adjustments.

Step 8:-
Now add some Shadows and Highlights to adjust the contrast and saturation of the image.
As you can see there is more options available select that so we can set the Amount, Tone, and Radius. So as I’m changing this so the contrast is reduced but saturation is still strong so
we’ll choose Vibrance to decrease the saturation.

curve photo editing option photoshop tutorial

Step 9:-
Then add Vibrance to start with it select New Fill or Adjustment and select the Vibrance.
Drag the vibrance effect option from the properties to reduce it. Now I’ll do same in saturation so yeah here it’s completed. I hope this tutorial will help to use Photoshop Pointillism Painting Effect.

Adjustment panel in Photoshop

Photoshop Pointillism Painting Effect tutorial
Photoshop Pointillism Painting Effect tutorial

Thus, here’s how we can create a Pointillism and Painting effect in Photoshop.

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