Photoshop Blending Modes Tips and Tricks:

Sometimes you think that how we can finish our work quickly so here today you’ll know
efficient tips and traps for working with layer blend modes. I’ll demonstrate to you pros to
effectively look through the blend modes to perceive how everyone influences your picture,
how to quickly you can correct blend mode you require, and even how to alter the force of a
blend mode. So here we’ll see a lot of things such as tips and tricks for blending mode in Photoshop. As well as, how to create blending mode in Photoshop or how to combine two images in Photoshop.

Photoshop blending mode tips and tricks

Blending mode in Photoshop – Step by Step tutorial

Step 1
So for using blend modes or to blend two images in Photoshop, I’ll blend texture with the image. As you can see that there are 2 layers on which I added a texture. Then open that texture.

Step 2
To start with blend modes go to layers panel < Normal is default < Click on that. As you can see so many options are available. Before going to the next step there is a difference between layer blend modes and tool blend modes Layer blend modes are altogether found in the Layers panel, and they control how a layer mixes with the layers. Be that as it may, a portion of Photoshop’s devices likewise incorporates their own mix modes. The majority of the brush tool and the artistic creation apparatuses have their own different mix modes that influence the device itself and are totally discrete from the layer mix modes in the Layers panel. Tool blend mode includes Spot Healing Brush, the Clone Stamp Tool and the Eraser tool they all have there own blend modes.

Step 3
Now the next process is to create the picture go to blend modes then choose any of the
option but here I’m using multiple so here what we got you can choose with any of the
blend options it’s cool to work with it and see the results.

Note: To work with layer blend in keyboard Shift+ continuously tap on that. To scroll back
shift and minus key

Photoshop Blending mode shortcut keys:

Here are some Shortcut keys for blending mode in Photoshop which you can use it.

Blend Mode Keyboard Shortcut (Alt = Windows, Option = Mac)

Normal Shift + Alt / Option + N
Dissolve Shift + Alt / Option + I
Darken Shift + Alt / Option + K
Multiply Shift + Alt / Option + M
Colour Burn Shift + Alt / Option + B
Lighten Shift + Alt / Option + G
Screen Shift + Alt / Option + S
Colour Dodge Shift + Alt / Option + D
Linear Dodge Shift + Alt / Option + W
Overlay Shift + Alt / Option + O
Soft Light Shift + Alt / Option + F
Hard Light Shift + Alt / Option + H
Vivid Light Shift + Alt / Option + V
Linear Light Shift + Alt / Option + J
Pin Light Shift + Alt / Option + Z
Hard Mix Shift + Alt / Option + L
Difference Shift + Alt / Option + E
Exclusion Shift + Alt / Option + X
Hue Shift + Alt / Option + U
Saturation Shift + Alt / Option + T
Colour Shift + Alt / Option + C
Luminosity Shift + Alt / Option + Y

Some missing shortcuts
There are some more modes which you can work. Darker Colour, Lighter Colour, Subtract
and Divide. If you want you can work with these options too. Now I’ll show how these
modes can work

Darken blend modes
To work with this mode you can use Shift+Alt+M for multiple options. This mode includes
Darken, Multiply, Colour Burn, Linear Burn, and Darker color. You can use plus and minus
key with holding shift to move up and down.

Lighten blend modes
As you can see in Darken mode it’s same the difference is it lightens the screen. Press


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