How to create a mockup in Photoshop

Whether it is a  small, medium or a large scale business, we always keep on looking for an overall look and feel. Whenever we are creating or setting up our new idea we are scared. Yes, we are always scared of how the end product will look. Therefore, this is where mockup comes in. A mockup will give a rough idea of how you will be looking at the end product. In this article below I am going to cover how to create a mockup in photoshop.

How to create a mockup in Photoshop (step by step)

Step 1: Download or create your background image and open it in Adobe Photoshop.

To create a mockup in Photoshop or how to use mockup, this is the first most thing you need to do. You should have your image ready or you can download it too. Firstly you need to go to the downloaded or created image. Then you can right click over the image and open with Photoshop. This image should be of your mockup layout.

Step2: Create a Shape over the desired place.

After you have opened the image in Photoshop, then you need to place a shape. This shape will be over the are where you want to use another image.

create a mockup in photoshop

Creating smart object photoshop

Step 3: Converting the shape to a smart object and applying perspective.

After we have placed the shape over the desired location we need to make that shape to a smart object. Making a shape to a smart object will help you manipulate with attributes like perspective, warp, etc. Right click on the layer < Conver to smart object. Furthermore, You can go to Edit < Transform < Distort to get started with adjusting the shape layer.

Perspective distort tool Photoshop


A Special Tip fro Theprolearning: Prefer using tools like perspective, warp and manipulate them from edges to edges, one by one.

Step4: Put in your image into the shape layer.

Now that we have set up our shape layer we will put the image into it. For putting the image into it you need to double click the thumbnail icon shown in the shape layer. This will open a big dialogue box of shape. Here you can drop in your image easily and click over the save.

create a mockup Photoshop

Step 5: Giving a final touch.

Now when you close the smart object shape window you can see your image magically been placed. Furthermore, This may happen that your image is not going with the background. Likewise, it may be brighter or darker. To solve this you can select the layer and press CTRL + L. This will open level panel. Here you can easily tweak the tones and the overall color.

create mockup Photoshop

Therefore, these were the steps to create a mockup in photoshop and also how to use mockup. Hope you have enjoyed doing your mockup too. Please share your experiences in the comment section below.


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