How to blur the background in Photoshop

Whenever we click a photo we want to first edit it and then spread that socially. But editing takes a lot of skills and patience too. What if we have clicked a photo and want to blur the background in Photoshop keeping yourself in focus? Yes, we can do this by performing certain simple operations. In photoshop we cave various types of blur such as Gaussian blur, radial blur, motion blur, etc. If you are totally new in this world of Photoshop you can even try for blur background photoshop online. Therefore, here in this tutorial, we will learn how to blur the background in Photoshop with easy and simple step by step.

What you will get in this tutorial?

How to blur the background with a suitable blur option present in Photoshop.

How to blur the background in Photoshop

Duplicating a layer

Firstly, you need to drop an image which you want to edit. Furthermore, duplicate the image which sees in your layer panel. Layer panel is generally at the right-hand side bottom of the screen. Now you are imagining, how to duplicate the layer? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can simply drag the layer and place it over the new layer icon.

how to blur the background in photoshop

Time to add a blur filter to the duplicated layer

To add a blur filter to the layer you can click over the layer. Then go to the adjustment icon over the layer panel and click over the gaussian blur. We can also go to the filter option in the menu bar and click over the Blur< Gaussian blur.

duplicate layer in photoshop

Then the pop out of the dialogue box will come. You can put the slider to seventy (70). To see the real-time preview you can click over the preview option. Now after putting the value to 70 you can see that the image is blurred.

gaussian blur photoshop

A phantom layer with levels to blur the background Photoshop

Go to adjustment icon present over the layer panel. Then click over the levels option. This will open the levels dialogue box. Do not click over anything. We will just do the masking and only show whichever part is required to be seen.

Levels in Photoshop

Fraud with the system

Now we need to do some hanky-panky with your software. The thing we need to do is to drag down the adjustment layer of the level below the blurred layer/duplicated layer. Now we need to press the ALT key on the keyboard and bring the cursor between the duplicated and the adjustment layer. After doing this you will see a circle, perform a left click with the mouse. The blurring layer will move aside. Now simply press Alt + Backspace to fill the black color in the mask.

Masking in photoshop

Keeping what is required

Now that we have masked the duplicated or the blur layer. We will now keep the element that is required by removing or erasing the blurring layer. Now go to brush in the toolbar and choose soft edge brush. Select the blurring layer. Now select the white color to reveal the blurring layer.

Giving a final touch

Furthermore, you can refine the details of giving it a proper blur and refining the edges like hairs clothes too.

how to blur the background in Photoshop

Here in the picture above, you can see that half of the image is blurred and half of it is normal. Therefore this is how to blur the background in Photoshop. Hope you have understood the tutorial. Please give your feedback in the comment section below.

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