How to create a Cinematic Hollywood Movie effect in blending mode

create a cinematic Hollywood movie effect in blending mode photoshop
How to create a cinematic Hollywood movie effect in blending mode photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about how to create a cinematic Hollywood movie effect in blending mode in photoshop. So here we’ll use a picture and convert it into a good movie poster. Here we’ll begin the tutorial.


So here I’m using 2 images open both the images and this images will be a separate document so we need to take them into the same document we’ll drag the image with the help of move tool and drag into the other document tab and press shift to drop into the right the place. But if you see in the layers panel they are on different layers.beautiful american girl landscape

Step 2:-

Now we need to transform the image so that it will fir in another image. So here I also want to move center bottom. So go to free transform (ctrl+T). Resize the Image and move it downwards. So here it’s done.

Step 3:-

Move the second image so here it’s in the background so we need to unlock the layer and name it as Layer 0. Now Press Shift to drag the image upwards and it will be easy to do it.

Step 4:-

Now we need to add a layer mask in it Layers Panel > Add Layer Mask Icon, So here Layer Mask Thumbnail appears on the top layer.

Step 5:-

As this is finished now go to Toolbar>Gradient tool.  Make sure it will be Black, White Gradient and even it is set Linear.

blending mode photoshop

At that point, click on the report and drag out a dark to white slope over the spot where you need the two pictures to mix together. For my situation, I’ll click just beneath the highest point of my steed picture to set the beginning stage for the slope. At that point, to make smooth progress between the two pictures, I’ll drag down to the top point of the slope. As now you can see Gradient on the layer mask and the blend images.  Now in layers panel Gradient in the layer mask.

orange background Photoshop


Layer Style option in Photoshop

Step 6:-

Next, we have to merge the two layers onto another layer above them. Ensure the best layer is as yet chosen. At that point, on a Windows PC, press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E on your console. On a Mac, press Shift+Command+Option+E. This merges the two layers onto another layer.

Step 7:-

Now we need to add texture so Filter Menu>Noise>Add Noise, In the added noise dialog box and here the amount I’m using 4% that depends on the size of your image. Choose Gaussian and Monochromatic, and then click OK.

Step 8:-

Now I’ll convert the images into black-white because the color of the pictures didn’t match click on the New fill select Black and white. You can see the adjustment layer appears for Black & White you can adjust it by auto effect or you can see the different color sliders with the help of that you can adjust it.

Step 9:-

Now next step is to give a good color to picture. Layers Panel>New Fill> Hue Saturation>Colorize. Now select hue slider and make the value 30, then set the intensity with saturation and set it into 30. Once it’s finished go to Layer Panel>blend mode and change it to Colour.

Step 10:-

Now increase the Contrast New Fill>Levels and change the blend mode to Soft light this will increase the contrast so we’ll decrease the opacity and make it around 35% and here we go.

cropping image in Photoshop

how to create a cinematic Hollywood movie effect in blending mode in photoshop

It’s done how nicely we have finished that.  

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