Get your freelance payments on time by signing a petition!

There are issues reported against the companies who pay their Freelancer and in some cases, they don’t pay them after the completion of the projects. This issue is not only for a particular location this is for a worldwide scale. This is a  serious downside for Freelancers in the industry. Therefore, we are here to help you and avoid client’s late payment problem and how to get freelance payments on time.

how to get freelance payments on time

According to the recent survey held oh digital hiring platforms, the results of the survey were shocking. Reporting that 50% of the Freelancers are getting paid Late like in a month or so after the completion of the project. The average amount in a year was   2,50,00 INR (approx) in terms of American Dollars is 3,000 USD (approx) which is a huge amount.

In against this, Easle has Set a Government Petition to revolt against the companies. Which lead to establishing Penalties for the companies who pay late. While brands one-day demonstrating appreciation to the ability who make them look cooperative attitude long be a pipe dream, this is as yet a vital advance in battling an enduring issue.

avoid client's late payment problem

These also affected the Freelancers mentally and financially. And yet still the apologies are rarely found. It just a blame game companies blaming the financial team for the late payments. Unmistakably then there is a social distinction among open and private segments on the issue, to no one’s astonishment.

Best websites to find freelance works and also get paid on time

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Craigslist
  • guru
  • 99designs
  • peopleperhour
  • freelance writing gigs
  • College Recruiter
  • Kolabtree

Thus, by reading this article we came to know that our freelancers are not being paid properly. Thus signing this petition from the government will help them a lot and getting payments on time.

We have also mentioned the best websites to find freelance works which also pay on time.

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