create a silky smooth effect in photoshop

Create Silky Smooth Waterfall In Photoshop

Imagine, going to a tourist place and enjoying a massive waterfall and clicking a picture of it. Now you want to post it on Instagram or any such social media platform. You will wish that it should look different from existing photos and stand out of the crowd. So, here’s how you can give an amazing effect to an ordinary photograph. Here’s how to create a silky smooth waterfall effect in Adobe Photoshop.

create a silky smooth effect in photoshop
create a silky smooth effect in photoshop

Here’s a step by step instructions to give waterfall a smooth appearance, as though the photograph was taken with a more drawn out exposure. 

Create silky smooth waterfall in Photoshop (step by step guide)

Step 1: Draw A Selection Around The Waterfall:

Starting with the waterfall image importing in photoshop any desired version. After importing, choose Lasso tool from the tool palette or can use key shortcut ‘L’ on the keyboard. Lasso tool chose, select the area desired in the waterfall where the effect needs to be implied. No need to be accurate but not too far from the edges of the waterfall.

Step 2: Copy the Selection Onto Its Own Layer:

The selected region chose, duplicate the region by using key shortcut Ctrl+J in windows/ Command+J in Macintosh which will create a duplicate in a new layer above the original layer. You can see the new layer in the layers panel.

Setting color range option in Adobe photoshop

Step 3: Apply The Motion Blur Filter To The New Layer:

With the waterfall in new layer chose, Motion blur effect can be applied to get a smooth silky effect. To get that done, on the top of the screen you will find a Filter menu, Enter filter menu select Blur and then Motion Blur. Which pop’s up a Motion blur dialog box.

To match the angle of water falling manipulate the Angle in the Motion Blur dialog box. The least demanding approach to coordinate your blur angle to the water is to click inside the Angle value box and afterward increment or decrease the esteem one degree at a time utilizing the up or down arrow keys on the keyboard.

To get that smooth silky effect in your waterfall, Use the distance slider below the angle value box in Motion blur dialog box. Manipulate the values to get the smoothness desired and looks smooth and silky.

Motion blur in adobe photoshop

Step 4: Add A Layer Mask To The Waterfall Layer:

After applying the effect yet post-process is required to get the effect to stand out by cleaning up the areas with extra/ unwanted blur effects. To do that, use a layer mask on the waterfall layer chosen. A layer mask can easily clean up the unwanted blur effects. After creating a layer mask, layer mask thumbnail can be preview in the layers panel next to layer its attached.

Step 5: Paint With Black On The Layer Mask To Clean Up The Blur Effect:

To clean up the unwanted blur effects Brush tool can be used. Brush tool can be found in the tools palette. Choose Black as the foreground color, choose a soft-edged brush for precise output. Use black paint the areas where unwanted blurred effect to remove them as using Layer mask it with discard the blur from the painted region. For accurate output change the brush size and opacity as required.   

If satisfied, can save the new image with the Silky smooth effect applied.

To give a more realistic effect, use the Warp tool to give a desired curve to the waterfall to look natural.

Step 6 [If Required]: Use The Warp Tool To Curve The Blur Effect:

Warp tool is used frequently to Warp or Distort images. Using the Warp tool we can give the desired curve to the blur effect. Select the waterfall layer with the motion blur effect go to edit menu on the top, choose transform and then Warp. A Grid-based structure appears on top, using the handle on the grid you can manipulate to get the desired curve. When satisfied with the curve tap Enter/Return to accept the changes.

There we have a waterfall with Silky smooth effect, which feels like the image was taken by experience photographer with longer exposure, with a neutral density filter.

How to create a silky smooth waterfall in photoshop

Therefore, this is how we can create a silky smooth waterfall or a long exposure effect in Adobe Photoshop.

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