Clipping Mask in Photoshop

create a clipping mask with shape or text photoshop tutorials

Clipping Mask is a method to control the visibility of a layer. So the Clipping Mask
is like layer Mask. However, while the final product may appear to be identical,
Clipping Mask and layer Mask are altogether different. A layer mask uses black and
white to show and hide the non-similar parts of the layer but Clipping Mask uses
Content and Transparency of the one layer which will control the visibility of another
layer. So in this tutorial, we’ll see how Clipping mask work and how we can create. Thus, here we will learn how to create a clipping mask in photoshop. Please note, this method works with any shape layer, text layers. Which means you can create a clipping mask with text or in a layman term you can say that insert image into text in photoshop.

Let’s start:-

To use the clipping Mask here are the steps below given:-

Step 1:-
Click on the layer which you have to work on. Then select one more layer because
one will mask and one layer will clip the mask. So here you can see I selected to
layers and even I used background layer I unlocked it and name it as layer 0.
Note:- To understand content and transparency in the clipping mask. As top layer is locked
we see the layer we just included. As a matter of course, new layers in Photoshop
are clear, which means they have no substance by any means. A layer with no
content is transparent and we see directly through it. At the point when there are no
different layers beneath a transparent layer, Photoshop shows the Transparent as a
checkerboard design. Now I’ll visible the layer so as you can see the content.

Tiger image clipping mask Photoshop tutorial

Step 2:-

Now I’ll choose clipping mask from the layer menu. Also, it’s as simple as that! With
the layer mask made, the Layers board currently demonstrates the best (Layer 0)
indented to one side, with a little arrow pointing down at " Layer 1" below to it.
However, the issue is, all we’ve achieved so far by making a clipping mask is that
we’ve concealed the picture from view, and that is because of the mask layer (Layer 1)
contains no content and it is Transparent. With a Clipping Mask, any territories on
the top layer that are sitting specifically above transparent areas on the bottom layer
are covered up. Since the bottom layer contains only Transparency and the picture will
not be visible.

Creating shape in Photoshop tutorial

how to create clipping mask Photoshop tutorial

insert image into a shape Photoshop tutorial

Step 3:-

As the clipping mask hide the layers so we need to release the layer so for that we
need to select the layer > Release clipping mask.
So as shown now no layer is clipped on the layer.

Step 4:-

We need to add the content to select the visibility icon to hide then click on layer 1,
then to add content we’ll select the Elliptical Marquee tool then fill it. As you can see a
black shape is visible.

insert image into a text Photoshop tutorial

Step 5:-

Now go to layer 0 and make the layer visible and create a clipping mask, as you can
see the image is placed in the shape itself but it’s a little bit slighted on the left side so
I’ll use the move tool to put it. So here you can see the picture is placed properly.

create text clipping mask Photoshop tutorial

I hope you all like the tutorial and it will help you to make you work on clipping
mask easier. Thus this is how we create a clipping mask in Photoshop as well as create a clipping mask with text.

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