how to remove background from photoshop

Photoshop How to Remove Background Easily

Whenever we click a picture, whether it may be DSLR or from your mobile phone. That picture turns to come out good. Then further we want is to post it on social media. Before this, we will like to edit that picture. Here comes the challenge. We will sometime require to remove background in Photoshop.

how to blur the background in Photoshop

How to blur the background in Photoshop

Whenever we click a photo we want to first edit it and then spread that socially. But editing takes a lot of skills and patience too. What if we have clicked a photo and want to blur the background in Photoshop keeping yourself in focus? Yes, we can do this by performing certain simple operations.

how to deselect in Photoshop

How to deselect in Photoshop – Quick Selection Tool

In software like Photoshop, selecting and de-selecting any object of a layer is a common thing. Similarly, being a common and easy task, not everyone is sure about this. We can easily perform operations like selection in the software. Firstly just by clicking on it or using other selection tools such as quick, magnetic, etc

how to rotate text in Photoshop

How to rotate text in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a software is in use worldwide. Most of the people around the world think Photoshop is just for retouching and small jobs. They are not aware of the fact that there are lots more that can be done. We can assume Photoshop as a sea. This software can never end. Similarly, using

scratch disk are full Photoshop

Scratch Disk are full in Adobe Photoshop

Is your Photoshop acting weird? Are you also facing the same problem of the scratch disk? You are at the right place. Here we will explain what is scratch disk. As well as how to solve scratch disk are full Photoshop problem. Well, this is a very common problem of every other Mac user in

get freelance payments on time websites

Get your freelance payments on time by signing a petition!

There are issues reported against the companies who pay their Freelancer and in some cases, they don’t pay them after the completion of the projects. This issue is not only for a particular location this is for a worldwide scale. This is a  serious downside for Freelancers in the industry. Therefore, we are here to

best free calligraphy lettering fonts

10 Best Lettering And Calligraphy Fonts

The correct textual style can immediately enhance the look of your showcasing introduction, awe your customer, or heighten your structure from normal to outstanding. In any case, it’s frequently hard to discover a textual style that falls someplace in the middle of tasteful and emotional – especially when you’re not willing to pay for an

Best free handwriting logo fonts

25 Best free fonts of all time

A Typeface comprises of unique features of a set of one or more set of fonts which shares common design features. Every Font in Typeface has a similar feature like a style, width, heights and many more. Therefore, having a good and adequate knowledge of best free typeface or best free fonts is necessary. For

creating an infrared photo effect

Infrared Photo Effect-Photoshop Tutorial:

In this tutorial, you will learn about creating an infrared photo effect in Photoshop. Infrared Effect means ‘below red’ as in other since we can’t see the effect. However, despite the fact that you and I can’t see infrared light, most computerized cameras can, and with the utilization of an infrared focal point channel, infrared