BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey

BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey –

Heard about the BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey or Books-A-Million Survey? Yes, it is true that the book store company has been offering its customers a $5 discount coupon in return of completing the survey. If you have been looking forward to taking the survey then here is a detailed explanation.

What do you Require to Take the Survey?

To take the survey the individuals need to meet some requirements and abide by the survey laws. Here is what all do you need to take the survey.

  • Recent Purchase– Your purchase at the BAM store must not be too long.
  • Purchase Receipt– The purchase receipt is important to enter the survey.
  • Be Old Enough– You should be at least 18 years of age to take the survey.
  • Be a Legal Resident– You must be a legal resident of any of the 50 U.S. states.
  • Provide an Honest Review– If you are found providing a fake review your entry to the survey program would be terminated.

How to Complete the BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • In order to go further with the BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey you must visit the survey page.
  • Once the website opens there will be a section labeled ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’.
  • Under the section, there will be a welcome message and spaces to enter data.
  • Provide the following information to enter the survey:
  1. 4 digit transaction number
  2. Store number
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Amount spent
Books-A-Million Survey
BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey Page



  • Hit the ‘Start’ button and it will take you to the next page which features the questionnaire.
  • Answer the survey questions and you can submit it.



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