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Acuity Home Insurance Review, Login

Acuity Home Insurance provides you peace of mind because they will know policyholder will cover your all needs. In this insurance, they will cover the full cost of repairing or rebuilding your house, if you lost your full house and also protection for the injured people at home.

How to log in to the Acuity home insurance:

Step 1: Go to the web page of the acuity insurance company, on that home page left the side of the page will show you a login form.

Step 2: At the top right corner, beside the ‘New User’ link there is the ‘Sign In’ link, as shown below:

Acuity Home Insurance Review
login page


Step 3: Click on it and enter your user name and password. Click the “log in” button.

How to Re-set you forget the password of Acuity home insurance

Step 1: If Policyholder forgot their password means, you can recreate your password, like just click the “Forgot password” link.

Step 2: New form will be displayed, Enter your User ID and email address into the form.

Step 3: Click “Email password hint” or “challenge questions”. Need to answer for the fields or else you will get a call from the technical department of the insurance company.


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How to Enroll in Online Access of Acuity home insurance

Step 1: Go to acuity insurance web page, click “New User” in the sign-in form.

Step 2: If you’re an agent select “Agent” or if you’re the policyholder click “Policy Holder”.

Step 3: New form will be displayed on that fill your policy number, ID, ZIP code and agent code, Click “Continue”.

Step 4: Just follow your registration rules to complete the enrollment process.

How to make a claim

Step 1: You can claim via online or through phone 1-800-242-7666.

Step 2: If you’re reporting a claim via online, just go to the home page of the acuity insurance company.

Step 3: Click the “Report online” link.

Step 4: Select “Home, Auto and Business.

Step 5: Fill your personal information and contact details, then press the “submit” button.


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