Activation and Verification MY Chase Card

Activation and Verification MY Chase Card

Are you pondering around the web for a guide to MY Chase Card Activation? if your answer is yes then today is a lucky day for you. Here we have brought a detailed guide to the Chase Card Verification and Activation. Scroll down then turn to read the walkthrough!

My Chase Card Overview 

My Chase Card is very popular among customers as using the card for shopping, mortgages and so many other things. It is very easy to use and manage. First and foremost thing is that the card needs activation before starting off using the card. MY Chase Cards allows their customer to activate their card through phone or internet enabled computer. The process of activating the card is hassle-free and without burdening on the time limits. Along with that in case if any customer faces difficulty while activating the process can call or go to the bank directly.

How to Activate MY Chase Card

  • Take out the card from the envelope and read terms and conditions.
  • So, in order to activate your card from Phone. Read the given customer care number of the bank and make calls to the bank. Remember please do use the number which you filled into the form as the banks use to match the number you called from and fill in the application form.
  • Now the automated device or customer care agent will ask you information like Social Security Pin, Date of Birth and other personal identifying questions.
  • Give all these details and your card is now activated.
  • Now remove the sticker from the card and voila now you can use your card for multiple purposes.
  • Make sure please do sign on your card at given blank space.

MY Chase Card Activation Online

One can also use an online platform to activate and verify the card. The process is as following –

MY Chase Card Activation

MY Chase Card Activation Page


  • In case you have already held an account then you don’t need to make a new one. But if you do not have an online account then you have to make one. In order to do so do click ‘Not Enrolled’ and then sign up.
  • To create a new account you need MY ‘Chase Card Number, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Your mailing address and your email id.
  • Once you log in do click on “My Accounts” tab and select the card option. An option will be there called ‘Activate the Account’, do click on the option and now you are good to go with the card.
  • Again do sign on the back of the card on given space.

Chase Credit Card Customer Service

For assistance, you can call on 1-800-432-3117. 

The Bottom Line

Well, we hope that the information provided above guided you through the My Chase Card Activation procedure. The process is simple yet it might sound crippling for some.


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