Best free handwriting logo fonts

25 Best free fonts of all time

A Typeface comprises of unique features of a set of one or more set of fonts which shares common design features. Every Font in Typeface has a similar feature like a style, width, heights and many more. Therefore, having a good and adequate knowledge of best free typeface or best free fonts is necessary. For example, if you want to create a logo. Now, there a situation will arise like what font to use, or what kind of typeface will be suitable. And you will be searching for the best fonts for logo design. Firstly, this will take much of your time. Secondly, this will raise a question upon your skills also.

The Best Free Fonts / Typeface

Designer essentially requires Typefaces as there are working on projects. But typefaces can be expensive and cheaper ones can be found rarely. Here are some open source Typefaces can be found on the internet which designer can use.


Studly by Craft Supply which is a bold san serif. It can be used in greeting cards or logo designs and many more. However, this can be known used as a font for logo design or greeting card.

studly typeface

Brand New Roman:

Brand New Roman by Miracle which has colored font. It’s mainly used by many company logos.

Brand new roman typeface open source


Austra by Gatis Vilaks for a company Wild Ones which is Upper cased with a feel of a brush used to write it. Can be used in multiple tasks like logo designs, and many designing projects. As a result, this is one of the best free handwriting fonts that you can use frequently.

austra best free handwriting fonts


Visability93 by Creatives from McCann London. This typeface style is unique as it is a Symbol language which helps the people with highlight invisible disabilities.

Visability93 icon font free typeface

Big John Pro:

Big John Pro by New York’s Lonc Type which slightly similar to slim joe. This font is the first of the kind which contains lowercase letters. It is modern and geometric san serif. As a result, this is also proven to be a good font to use in your logos.

Big John Pro font free typeface

AtF Spark:

AtF Spark by London design studio which is a typeface which creates graphical representation like Graphs, dotted lines, and many more for the article or text to look visually appealing. Numerical and Statistical representation can be done inside the text body itself using AtF Spark.

Atf spark font free typeface


Mr. Mezulis, the man behind Arber, the typeface name is on a resort located in Bavaria, Germany. Visually the text looks like is a cover of a  snow and painted with a water brush. This typeface is also suitable for logos and posters frequently.

Arber font free

Poemy Brush Font:

Poemy by WildType which is another brush font. It is readily available to use personally or commercially. You can also call it as a free script font or a free handwritten font too.

Poemy Brush free Fonts


Monly is by WildOnes which comes in four different fonts which are Monly light, Bold, Serif Light, and Serif Bold. We can use for personal as well as commercial use too.

monly colorful free fonts font

Lovelo Inline:

Lovelo by Braendra from Hans Renzler. It was created for a bike manufacturer Velo Arch. visually it is unique as it remains open without any close ends.

Lovelo stencil free fonts


Avene also by Mr. Mezulis, this looks like Freestyle hand brush visually. This helps the designers to highlight the details in their projects.

avenue brush script fonts

Obidee Sans:

Obidee Sans by James Barnard wrote in just one day. This typeface is tall and mainly used in poster or larger scale designs and many more.

obidee sans free font typeface

Dubai Font:

Monotype’s Dr. Nadine Chahine with his 6 colleagues have its hands on Dubai font. As Dubai was the first city to design Microsoft typeface. The Dubai Font by the Crown Prince of Dubai Sheik Hamdan, drive from The Executive Council of Dubai and made in association with Microsoft. And also given in Microsoft 365.

dubai arabic free font typeface


Gillbert Color:

Gillbert is an initiative by a group of companies NewFest and NYC Pride, Which is an inspiration for art of using Rainbow colors, flags, and designs. The typeface was initially intended for headlines and banner proclamations utilized in arouses and dissents, yet it’s presently being incorporated out with an entire group of weights and styles. To sum up, this is an example of graphic design trends for 2019 as well.

gilbert free font graphic design trends 2019


Cornera by Gatis Vilaks from Wild Type. Generally, we don’t see much fonts with such sharp edges. Therefore, this is becoming popular these days. This is one of the best fonts for logo designs, headlines, and short descriptions.

cornera best fonts for logo design


Antipixel’s Julia Martinez Diana is the person behind Escalope. This is one of the best hand-written font types. This type is free for personal use but for commercial use license is mandatory. It began from a textual style called Flash Font, with the included surfaces being a piece of an exploratory exercise.

Escalope free font


Leva Mezule and Mr. Mezulis with their experience some look to writing which is Leafy font. This is a handwritten font type. Similarly, as no two leaves are the equivalent, in this typeface you’ll locate no two glyphs the equivalent, giving it an individual and carefully assembled feel.

Leafy free font typeface


Fabio Haag is the guy behind this font, Sua. it mainly suitable for Headlines and Short texts. Its spotless shapes prompt clarity, and the marginally wide extents direct a quiet perusing rate. Despite the fact that Sua comes in seven distinct weights.

Shkoder 1989:

Shkoder is by Julia and Ana Hoxha an inspiration for all uppercase letters from the 90’s. And the name is after a celebration of the city in the north of Albania.

Shkoder 1989 best typeface



Wide-Spacing is the creator of Abyssopelagic typeface. The name is after the area of profound water over the floor of the sea, and it certainly epitomizes a grand.

Abyssopelagic free best font typeface


Lora’s bold brushed bends and driving serifs are incredible for champion features. An all-around contemporary serif content typeface, Flora is a establish in calligraphy. This intends to function admirably on. We can find this on Google Fonts as well.

lora free typeface font

Bourbon Grotesque:

The man behind Bourbon Grotesque is  Jeremy Vessey who is quite friendly to branding and marketing. Downloading this typeface is Free but need to Subscribe to get the like.

burbon free typeface best


Andrew Herndon is the man behind this font Sondor. This font has a vintage feel, Ink feels mainly for Bold headings. This typeface looks most fitting against rough shrub, epic peaks, and sweeping open-air scenes. It’s harsh, bold, here to create an impression.

Sua best heavy font


Matt Ellis is the man over this font, Alcubierre. Alculbierre is a straightforward and honest typeface, attracting parallels to childlike handwriting.

Alcubierre free brush handwritten fonts


Missy Meyer is a great name who has given a good try over mixing a handwritten font with some modern aspect too. This visually looks like its hand painted with a brush. Cavorting to try out Type 3.2 of everyone day. In short, there may be some kerning set that is not present.

best free Brush handwritten fonts

Therefore, these were some of the Open source Typefaces available on the internet. There are many around the internet you can explore.  So keep exploring there will be more open typefaces keep exploring and imply in your designs. In conclusion, anything you desired but does not get into any copyright issues or illegal use of the Typefaces for commercial use.

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